Surprise! Sorry I’m Late

Hello there! It’s been a while…almost 3 weeks actually. My bad. Life has been pretty monotonous but I’m enjoying it, promise.

So a quick update on my life. I’M COMING HOME THIS MONTH!!! I’m beyond excited to see my family and the US again. I have a lot of things to do before I leave but I can handle it. My thesis is going wonderfully. I’ve gotten my topic approved and I have a presentation to give in two weeks. After that, I’ll just have to write 60 pages of research, o joy.

Here’s a special treat for you all (specifically my mother). I went to and inside the Heidelberg Castle yesterday. I really don’t care for it because I can see it everyday and it’s just an old building. Yes it’s impressive, but I haven’t had a desire to go see it up close. So this one’s for you Mother!

Well, I went with Nahia and Nao. We climbed up a steep incline. Nao was dying, Nahia was hot, and I was sweating. Once at the top, I got to see over Heidelberg, which was pretty spectacular to be honest. Our tour guide was…interesting. Very sweet, older lady who talked beyond slow and barely audible at times.

They began building the castle in the early 1200’s. Over time it was damaged from lighting and war (the French decided to burn it down during succession). Fun Fact: there are only spiral staircases in the castle. In order to keep up with renovations, people can rent out parts of the castle for parties or weddings. Here’s a link for you to check out if you’re interested in learning more specifics about the Castle and see clear pictures of the inside (the tour guide didn’t let us take pictures everywhere). and Wikipedia.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll check back in at some point this month. Peace!


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  1. Thanks, that was an interesting tour, glad you were able to do that and share with us especially your wonderful mother. I know you have some requirements to finish there and maybe a few more sights to see. Take care and I along with others anxiously await to see you.
    Aunt Augustine


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