It Takes a Village

Hello fellow readers! I know it’s not Monday but I have to share this with you. My sophomore year at UNC I met a girl named Andrea Gut. We hit it off right away because she’s tall and plays volleyball. Over the year, we became pretty great friends. She ended up transferring to UNC Charlotte the following year. From there, she came into her own and found her passion in social work. Last year she visited India as a part of her Graduate School program. She recently submitted a paper about domestic violence services in the US and she was chosen to give a presentation back in India where she first volunteered. Now here’s the catch: It costs money. She’s trying to raise $1,500 so she can continue to do something she loves and to further help/inform people. If you’re able to donate any money to her that would be amazing. If not, share her story and keep her in your prayers. Here’s a little blurb about what she’s doing and the link for a full description/place to donate below. PS: I’ll be posting on Monday too so stay tuned!

Andrea Gut: “Hi Everyone!! Some may know, I’ve been tirelessly working to get myself back to India to present at the International Conference on Social Work in Delhi. My research is on domestic violence services in the US and the challenges for utilization by Indian-born women. The full description is in the link but any contribution would really help me out!! I just need $1,500 to be able to go speak about what I love in front of all different types of people from around the world. If you are not able to contribute, I do at least ask if you could share my story and try to help me reach my goal!! I have until December to accomplish something I’ve been really working hard for. Thanks!”


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