It’s the Little Things

Today’s blog is going to be a hodgepodge of things. I spent my time this week doing school work, playing volleyball, said bye to my roommate, a Pride Parade, and celebrating a friends 21st Birthday.

I have a few assignments due this week. I got back one of my grades from a class last semester. I was working on this project that I was worried about and tried really hard on it. My professor left me a comment and said that he loved it and gave me a 1.0. Now for Germany a 1.0 is the same as a 100 in the U.S! I’m awesome, haha.

Then we played volleyball with a few of my friends. We ended up playing 2 against 4. Nahia and I beat the 4 others each game. We had a lot of fun and will be playing again today actually with even more people hopefully. After that we went back to my apartment to hang out for a while. Fun Fact: my roommate said that the apartment had never had more than maybe 4 people in it at a time. He was gone that weekend but I had 6 people over. I still believe he thinks that I don’t have friends but he’s never around when I bring them by, haha.

Speaking of my flatmate, he moved out this weekend. Konstantin has been an awesome flatmate and friend of mine. He introduced me to lots of German culture. I appreciated our conversations and the atmosphere that he established. Koni is going to be studying abroad in Seattle, Washington this year. It would be awesome to meet up with him at some point in the U.S too. He’s a great guy and I will miss him for sure.

Saturday I went to my first Gay Pride Parade with Nahia and Nao. It was a lot of fun and entertaining. They began the parade with a memorial for the victims of the Orlando Night Club Shooting. They showed their solidarity and commitment to stop/prevent violence against LGBTQ communities worldwide. The parade had many parts. As I reach up to grab a sticker from a float this women says that she loves me  over and over again. Obviously confused I just smiled and said thank you. She proceeds to lick my hand…you read that right. She licked my hand. Why? I’ll never know and never want to know, haha. Other than that odd moment it was great. People were laughing, dancing, and just enjoying the day.

Finally, my friend Alex turned 21 over the weekend. In the U.S that would be a big deal but not here in Germany. However, she’s half-American so she made it a big deal. She invited people from a class that she’s assisting with to come hang out at her house. It ended up being the United Nations in one apartment. There was someone from Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, France, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Great Britain, the U.S, and Canada. I learned a lot in the brief time that everyone was there and I spoke a little Italian. Some of them will play volleyball with us too. This was one of my hopes for coming to Germany. I wanted that international and global connection.

That’s all for now folks. I have some potential trips coming up. I’ll keep you updated as always. Until next Monday, stay flawless!


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