Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Dad!

Today is my Dad’s Birthday! He’s now one step closer to retirement, haha. He’s just 59 years old (he was a senior in high school in that picture!). Even though I’m an ocean away from my father, thank goodness for technology. I’ll get to call him in a few hours to wish him well today.

My Dad and I have had an interesting relationship from the start. I guess, like most fathers and sons, talking and emotions aren’t that compatible. We have always known that we love each other though. But, our relationship has grown a lot since I’ve been in Germany. We went from talking twice a month in undergrad to twice a week while I’m here. It’s been a pleasant surprise  for the both of us. I’m grateful that he’s still and will continue to be in my life.

Anyway, classes are over, thank goodness, which means that I will start posting a blog once a week again…hopefully. I know that I’m going to post something tomorrow and next week so stay tuned for all of that. Once again, Happy Birthday Dad!


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  1. You’re a great son! Happy Birthday to your father. Glad classes have gone well. Love you ! Aunt Reo


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