Parting Ways aka The End of My Vacation

This mini vacation with Sage has been awesome. I needed a break and a change of pace from life in Heidelberg. I’m so grateful that he came to visit me and that we got to travel together. Fun fact: We met randomly the summer before my senior year at UNC. I was his RA and invited him to play volleyball one day. Ever since then we’ve been friends but funny enough we never really hung out, outside of playing volleyball. I’ve always been comfortable around him but this trip has allowed us to get to know each other more.

During this trip we visited 3 different countries, have walked about 70 miles since he arrived (May 21-28), stepped into Heidelberg’s main train station 12 times for traveling purposes, used 4 different modes of transportation, saw 6 different cities, spoke 6 different languages, took at least 500 pictures, and made countless memories.

This trip was also really affordable. If you want to plan a trip to Europe I suggest that you plan in advance. It’s fairly easy to get from country to country if you’re willing to do some tradeoffs. For example, a flight to Milan, Italy from Frankfurt, Germany can be as cheap as $15 through budget airlines like Ryanair. That’s what I used for my trip to Italy back in December. You also have the option of taking a bus instead of a train. It may take longer but most of the time it’s cheaper than any other mode of transportation. My bus ride to and from Strasbourg, France cost $20 (2 hours one way). Another fun way to experience Europe is to rent a car. This can be expensive depending on the company but we got a car for 4 people and only had to pay $30 each (including gas. 220 miles driven). Although we had housing here in Heidelberg each night for free, you can look into hostels or an AirBnB. These are much cheaper than hotel rooms. You can even rent out a family room for some hostels so you don’t have to share space with college students.

Now I know some people are thinking, “Well it’s cheaper because you’re already in Europe.” While this is true, getting to Europe may not be as expensive as you think. If you plan early enough, leave on certain days/times, and be willing to compromise you could travel to Europe fairly cheap. But even if you don’t want to travel to Europe, do it in the US! I know for sure that when I get back to the states that I want to see more of it. The world is too big to just stay in one place and not experience anything else.

Finally, my mother is the person to get me into traveling. The way she talked about her time in Europe or a random trip to DC in college was mesmerizing. When I had the opportunity to visit Europe in high school she did everything in her power to get me there. Then I decided to come to Europe for grad school. Although she was sad to see me leave, she was and is very excited for me to get a chance to experience life and traveling. So thank you Mom for continuing to inspire me to travel, think outside of the box, and explore the world and myself. Thank you to both of my parent, family, and friends for following me on this journey.

That concludes this trip’s adventures. I’ll be going to Berlin in about two to three weeks. Then somewhere else with a friend that I’ve known since Middle School after that. Finally, some time in July I’ll visit Munich, Germany with a friend from UNC. Plus, random day trips could happen at any time. Peace!


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