Zurich, Switzerland

For our last trip together, Sage and I went to Zurich, Switzerland. We left Heidelberg at 2am and arrived in Zurich at 7am. This was one of the most uncomfortable and tiresome ride I have been on in a long time. It was probably because I was already exhausted but we had to carry on.

We realized that the Swiss are not on the Euro (Money System in Europe) and they use the Swiss Francs instead. So there was strike one for us, haha. Look how much we prepared for this trip. Then we went to Starbucks for some well needed coffee but come to find out that a simple Cafe Latte (original price ~$3) cost me ~$8 today! I knew things were expensive in Switzerland but i didn’t realize it was that terrible.

After we drink down our rich people coffee we went to the station to buy a Zurich card ($25), which gave us free admission to museums, use of all public transport, and discounts on shopping. We used the card for transportation first to go up to a lookout over the area. Once there We decided to go on a hike that this woman suggested to us. Half a mile above the ground later we come up to this cafe with spectacular views of the city, Lake Zurich, and the Alps. This was my first time seeing the Alps and they were worth every step, incline, and downhill slope. The pictures I took will not do it justice but it was breathtaking.

After relaxing for an hour we took an air trolley down to civilization and into main town. The Zurich Card also covered a spectacular thing called a boat tour. Yes, I got on a boat/mini cruise ship thing and road around Lake Zurich eating fancy $10 spring rolls and a dollar’s worth of cookies and gummy bears that I brought onboard. The ride was great. It’s unbelievable going up to the Alps on a boat. Sage and I sat in awe and were totally relaxed.

We got off the boat and walked along the lake back into town. We ate burgers at a garden overlooking the lake. Once we finished we took our time heading to a museum pretty far out, only to find out that everything in the building was closed off. Then our bus was delayed for almost 2 hours! But life goes on. Nothing can ruin our vibes.

This was a day for rest and relaxation and we did it perfectly, even though we walked about 16miles today. It was definitely a great way to end our trip together. I’ll conclude my trip updates tomorrow. Peace!


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