Stuttgart, Germany

I was going to post this sooner but my phone died before I got a chance to write anything up. O well.

So, today Sage and I went to Stuttgart, Germany. Fun Fact: My parents met for the first time in Stuttgart through the military! The entire time that I was in the city I felt their presence and history.

Anyway, the city is beautiful. I could actually see myself living there for a while. Although the city is fairly big, everything is spread out and divided into different sections so-to-speak. We walked into the middle of town where we were surrounded by large buildings and green space. It was essentially a little park inside the city. Cafes and outdoor tables were along the walkways inviting guests to relax with a drink. Even though it was raining, there were still people outside drinking a cup of coffee or chatting with friends.

Then we went to a Natural History Museum, mainly because it was free. It told the history of Germany and more specifically, the Baden-Württemberg region (the region that I’m living in). It was fascinating. I even saw that creepy mask from Karneval on display.

After we ate in a mall foodcourt, we decided we wanted to walk down to a Botanical Garden and along the Neckar River. The walk to the garden was gorgeous (almost all of the pictures that I took were blurry. Sorry!). Imagine a less populated version of Central Park in Manhattan, NYC. The grass was a bright, rich green that glistened from the misty rain and the faint rays of sun. There were ducks, cranes, and swans all over. People would exercise, ride their bikes, or enjoy a family walk all throughout the park.

As we get closer to the garden we turned to head to the river. Mind you, we don’t truly understand where we’re going. So we walk for a bit and find our way. The only problem is that there is an Autobahn (highway) standing between us and the river. Being the responsible adults that we are, we decide to walk along the highway only to be blocked by a fence 20 feet away. We could literally see the river across from us. So we did what anyone else would do: we ran across the autobahn to get to the other side! Since I’m writing this, you know that we survived.

We continued to head back to the main part of town and stopped at this little cafe along the way and got a cafe latte and spaghettieis (spaghetti ice cream). Now, I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is that and why did you get it?! Answer: why wouldn’t we get it?! It’s actually a German ice cream dish that simply looks like spaghetti. Why is that a thing? Who knows? It was good. That whole experience was fun.

Lastly, I used confidence and courage today. I’m so proud of myself! Every conversation that I had with people was in German (except one because we couldn’t find the exit of the museum). I asked for directions, ordered food, and asked questions all in German! This is a major accomplishment because I normally hesitate but not today. Even though Germans may look mean or standoffish, they’re very nice! Everyone I spoke to was super kind and willing to help me.

Anyway, I need to get to sleep now. It’s 1am here! We walked, give or take, 14 miles today. Tomorrow we head to Strasbourg, France. Take care!


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  1. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!


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