I Made Tiny Candies!

Hey folks! I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be posting on Monday’s because on Sunday I don’t have the energy to do anything…Also, my classes started back last week and I have at least 100 pages of reading to do each week.

Anyway, over the weekend I participated in something like an intercultural learning session with my friends. By that, I mean that we went over to my friend Nao’s apartment and talked about Japanese culture.

When Nao came back from visiting her home in Japan she brought back candy for us to try and build, yes build. We had chocolates, salty snacks, pineapple gummies, and constructible candy. As you may be able to tell from the pictures that we made candy sushi and candy ice cream. It was so much fun and meticulous work. However, having big hands is not a big help for building tiny candies!

After that we got a lesson in Japanese etiquette, which was cool. I learned how to use chopsticks, still not good at using them. There are actually a lot of rules when it comes to eating, like not talking with the chopsticks in your hand and how to put them down and pick them up properly.

This is the type of learning that I love. I’m having fun learning about different cultures and spending time with my friends. At some point I’m going to have an American Breakfast at my apartment because Nahia has never had French Toast, which is a shame. ’Til next time!


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  1. Wow! I enjoyed your candy making experience, the pictures are great and I would like to learn about that. I wish you the best in your upcoming weeks of studies. I love you and look forward being informed about life as
    it unfolds unto you. take care.
    Love, Aunt Augustine


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