New Blog Shout-out!

My apologies for not posting a blog over the weekend! I had a paper due Friday and another one due in 24 hours! Fun Fact: People in Germany celebrate Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. My friend says that they celebrate it because “we’re too lazy to go back to work after Easter Sunday!” I’ll take it, haha.

Anyways, I want to share with you a new blogger. Her name is Gretchen Boucher and she just started a blog today called, “So God.” She’s starting on her journey as a blogger but I know she has plenty to say. I read her first post and I know that this blog will be helpful to many people around the world. Show her some love and check out her blog:

Stay tuned for a new post on Friday. I can guarantee you that I’ll be posting something then (not sure what time though)! Take care.


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