Food for Thought

To start off, I am safe here in Heidelberg. My heart goes out to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Turkey and Belgium. If by any chance happens here in Germany or anywhere that I may travel I will probably post here to let you all know that I’m ok.

So I’m currently working hard to try and complete these papers to the best of my ability. Deadlines are approaching faster than they should but that’s life.

Anyway, I have a very simple question for you. When was the last time that you took the time to write someone a hand written letter and physically mailed it to them? Now for most people that would be a very long time ago. We live in such an age of technology that texting or emailing is much easier (which are both thoughtful gestures in its own right).

When I was in undergrad I would write people letters maybe once a semester. I would write them meaningful Facebook messages at random and they seemed to love that. But being over here in Germany, I write my friends and family a lot more. I’ve sent 25 letters (not including cards) and every time I do it people respond with how they truly appreciate it. Whenever I get a card in the mail I smile and am grateful that, that person took the time to write and send me a letter just to simply say that they were thinking about me. There’s something about being far away from the people that you love. Distance makes you truly appreciative receiving something in the mail from your friends and loved ones.

I want to challenge you to write a letter to someone just to check up on them and make their day. I bet that you probably already thought of someone to send it to while reading this! Pay it forward (good book and movie by the way) and make someone smile with your thoughtfulness.

And if you want to practice, feel free to send me a letter!

Tony Royle


Eppelheimer Str. 52

Heidelberg 69115


January 1
Late night walks with my roommate. This tunnel brings me to a track that goes to Mannheim, Germany.


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