Today I went to Neckargemünd (Neigh-ka-gea(like gear without the r and rhymes with hair)-moont). I didn’t have any energy the past few days to go anywhere. I hung out with people Thursday and all day Friday and that truly exhausted me as an introvert.

Neckargemünd is pretty close to Heidelberg, which is why it looks very similar to pictures that you have already seen of Heidelberg. This place was pretty hilly and quieter though. It was nice to get out of the city to some place that is just as big but calmer. Fun fact: apparently this city is a twin city of Missoula, Montana. That means that it’s very similar in its appearance and structures.

Anyway, I probably wont go anywhere this weekend coming up but who knows. I just have two big papers to finish soon. One shouldn’t be a big problem but the history paper is proving to be quite difficult. I’ll keep you posted though. Take care!

Also, UNC Chapel Hill (my alma mater) won the basketball ACC Championship and is a number 1 seed for the NCAA Tournament! GO HEELS!

More information about Neckargemünd:


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