Adventure Time!

Really quick, another phrase that gets lost in translation is “when push comes to shove.” Also, confidence/courage has been sneaking up on me at some of the most unwanted times, haha. I’m still working on it though so you should hang in there too!

Anyway, today I decided to go on a little adventure to Bensheim, Germany. It’s about 30 mins by train outside of Heidelberg. I saw it on a map and it looked pretty neat, so I went.

Bensheim is a quaint little town but still thrives. I explored around for a bit. I’m not a big fan of cities so by being in this place I was able to breathe freely. I saw some pretty neat buildings and such. I found out that this town was first settled in 2500-1500 BC but it was first mentioned in history in 765!

I walked around some more and saw a giant hill. Naturally, I had to climb it! I ended up in a wine field, I think. But the view was spectacular! I could see so far into the distance. I looked at a map and found out that if I wanted to I could hike to the neighboring towns. The total hike from one end of the trail to the other is 22km (about 14 miles between 5 towns).

This little excursion was needed. It was a nice stress reliever and gave me an excuse to get out of Heidelberg. Next week, I think that I will go somewhere different. Til next time!


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  1. Wow, this is a beautiful site. Hiking 14 miles. You keep it up. While you are there see everything and share your pictures. I am glad that you are seeing history up close and personal. I miss you and I am proud of you.


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