Time to Relax…kinda

I AM FINALLY FINISHED WITH MY EXAMS!!! First semester of grad school is officially over and I’m beyond relieved. This was the hardest I’ve studied in my entire life and I’m pretty proud of myself.

I don’t start classes again until April 17, so I have plenty of time to recuperate. However, I do have 5 papers due throughout so it’s not a true break. I plan on traveling around Germany some and maybe even outside of it if time permits.

As promised, I took some basic pictures of my parts of campus. I realized that I missed a building but o well. All of the pictures are where I have the majority of my classes.

Since I have more free time now, I should be able to take more pictures of the city and wherever else I decide to travel. Hopefully I can think of some more blog topics too. Take care of yourselves! Oh and please vote in the primary elections if you can!


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