Healthier Living

I think I’m going to add on the word “COURAGE” to my word(s) of the year.

So, I gave up buying sweets and other desserts for the month of January. I was going to continue into February but exams started. Every exam season I get off the healthy food train. I start chugging sodas, consuming only pizza, and I rarely move from my room/bed.

Now before exams started I noticed that I was eating a lot healthier in Germany (to my roommate, the key word here is HEALTHIER). I know that I’ve mentioned it before but it’s much easier to eat properly here than in the US. First of all, I eat a lot of organic food, which are mainly foods that are not chemically processed or have had pesticides sprayed on them. Organic food is found everywhere and for fairly cheap to me (it’s labeled with “Bio” and sometimes other things).

Since it’s easy to get healthy food here, I tend to cook a lot of meals. I used to do everything on top of the stove but then I bought a crock pot and later on my roommate got a toaster oven. So we now have a completely functional kitchen, which is great.

Between the clean eating and all of the walking that I do here I’ve lost a bit of weight, especially around my waist. I’m almost positive that I lost two inches off of my waist. For next semester I want to be more active. I keep having strange desires to run /jog and I miss playing volleyball.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for some pictures of my university. I have to keep reminding myself to do that. If there is something that you want me to discuss leave me comment below and I’ll add it to my list of topics! Peace


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  1. I MISS VOLLEYBALL TOO!! And you of course 🙂


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