Struggles of Confidence

So, it finally snowed this weekend and it actually stuck to the ground! I’m such a happy camper. I came to class today (we still have classes even though it’s MLK Day in the US) in a fantastic mood because of the snow and the cold. My friends were not thrilled to say the least.

Anyway, at this point in people’s New Year Resolutions or Word of the Year challenge is when they start to quit. And last week I wanted to quit, haha. It’s been a struggle to work on confidence because I notice it everywhere in my life! However, I’m proud of myself for fighting on.

Story time: I ordered a package of hair products last month because I’m running low and I can’t afford to be without since my hair is getting longer. It was supposed to get to me on December 28 but it never showed up. I didn’t have the courage or confidence to call the mail company because I wasn’t sure if they spoke English. The mere thought of them only speaking German terrified me enough not to call or reach out. I was willing to wait until it possibly showed up or would have done without it at all! That’s ridiculous, I know, but it’s something that gets to me. I didn’t even want to ask my German speaking friends to help me out.

Today, three weeks later, I messaged the company and they speak perfect English! But because I waited so long they returned the package back to the sender and I have to reorder it anyway. If I had the confidence to open my mouth in the first place I wouldn’t have to wait even longer for the package to get back to me. If you do things right the first time around you have nothing to worry about in the long run.

So to all of you thinking about quitting, don’t. That’s the easiest thing you can do but you don’t learn anything from quitting. There are so many endless possibilities out there and you can only learn them through being vulnerable and taking chances. You got this!

Song of the Day: My Brothers and I- Granted



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  1. Augustine Selden January 19, 2016 — 3:07 am

    Hello Tony,
    Struggles of confidence are learning experiences that I’m sure you will profit from with no stopping now.
    I am proud of you knowing the struggle of confidence has its worth another valuable experience. That is maturity!


  2. You have spoken what I have been doing to myself. This year I am striving to make meaningful changes in my life in spite of obstacles that may come my way. We’ve got this! Thanks for the inspiration!


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