Gutes neues Jahr!

Happy New Year from Germany!

I’ve enjoyed 2015 tremendously and have accomplished many major goals. I graduated from the BEST college of all time UNC Chapel Hill, started Graduate school in Germany, made life-long friendships, etc. I’m happy to start 2016 and I’m ready to see what it has to offer.

Now New Years in Heidelberg was a trip. I have never felt like I was in more danger than I did tonight. There are ZERO firework laws. People were setting them off in the streets, downtown beside old historic buildings, under trees, on the sidewalk, on the bridge, in front of businesses, at the tram stations, down an ally, etc. Wherever there was space, fireworks were being set off. I stopped for a second by the river to take a picture and someone lit a firework right beside me and it went off directly over my head! That would NEVER (legally) happen in the US. And they were REAL fireworks that the professionals would use to put on at a big show. Germans go big or go home.

Not only were the fireworks set off like crazy, they were set off before, during, and after the clock struck 12am. There wasn’t a countdown either. At round about midnight a massive amount of fireworks went off all around the city in every possible direction. I couldn’t tell if it was foggy or just smoke from all of the fireworks being let off. My lungs were not happy.

Although this was a stressful New Year because of all of the chaos from the fireworks, I’ve enjoyed it because that’s the culture here in Germany. It’s been a learning experience so far and will continue to be in 2016.

Anyways, enjoy the countdown and the New Year! Peace into 2016!



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  1. Happy New Year love and miss you take care


    • Augustine Selden January 8, 2016 — 2:53 am

      Happy Blessed New Year, I thank God for keeping you safe and you continuing to share your awesome experiences. I can see you are maturing far beyond that when I last saw you, needless to say I am excessively proud of you, my great nephew, Tony, Jr.
      Love always,
      Aunt Augustine


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