Back to Germany

We just finished Rome and I’m currently at the airport waiting to go back to Germany. I just met a couple from North Carolina who are stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Small world for sure!

Rome was neat to see again. Since we got there late we didn’t see much. We were able to get to the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain. The Colosseum is definitely impressive and seeing it at sunset is pretty cool. On the way to the Trevi fountain we saw a ton of birds in the sky. I thought it was spectacular because they seemed to be dancing and playing around in the sky. The Trevi Fountain was spectacular as expected. You should definitely go at night for that because it’s lit up and it just looks awesome.

Italy has been amazing. Exhausting for sure and I’m ready to be still again in Germany. We ended up walking about 75miles total. It’s also my birthday today (Dec 12) and I get to spend it in two countries! Can’t say that every day. I’m appreciative to be able to travel and I can’t wait to come back to Italy to practice the language and way of life. If you get a chance to go to Europe I whole heartedly recommend that you go. That’s all for now. Peace!


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