So Many Stairs!

To start things off, I’ve been “editing” everything from my cell phone so sorry for all of the spelling and grammar errors. Secondly, it’s difficult to upload pictures because the wifi connections have been weak. I’ll upload all of my pictures once I get back to Germany in a couple of days.

Now for the good stuff. We were in Florence yesterday (Dec 10) and it was really nice to go back there. For those of you who don’t know, I took a trip to France, Italy, and Greece back in 2010. While I was in Italy I visited Florence and Rome.

Coming back to Florence was nice. When we left the station we wanted to head to the Duomo but we could not get the internet to work. So I asked this woman in Italian where it was and she responded IN ITALIAN! I was so grateful that for once someone responded in Italian. I even understood what she said 🙂

When we get to the Duomo we climb to the top of the tower. That consisted of 412 steps. Mind you that the day before we hiked 17miles. So those steps were killer. What made it worse was that we had our backpacks on too. But when we get to the top to lookout, the view of the city was astonishing. We stayed there for a few and then went back down all 412 steps to go inside the church.

We were able to go underneath to see the original structures of the church and the tombs of past leaders. We left that and then proceeded to climb to the top of the church. Why you might ask? I have no idea because this time there were 462 more steps waiting for us. There was even a sign that said something like, “Warning. If you suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia this may not be good for you.” That should have stopped us in our tracks but nope. We did it anyway and it was torture. I was hunched over at times. Most of the staircase was not able to fit two people side by side. There was a point that it became safer for me to crawl because the steps, spaces, and height were so small. But we made it once again.

The view was just as magnificent. Florence goes on forever and it was relatively quiet compared to a normal city that big. It was worth the 462 painful steps I guess 🙂

We left the Duomo and headed to the Plaza di Michelangelo to watch the sunset (straight uphill with more stairs by the way). Out of nowhere, Michael sees a good friend of his from UNC! What a small world we live in. The sunset over the city of Florence was spectacular and very calming. Many people who studied abroad in Florence were at the plaza looking at their last sunset in Italy before they head back to the US with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. It was beautiful.

We left for dinner to meet up with one of Michael’s friends. We ate at this tiny, quaint place and my meal was the best dinner I’ve had so far. It was a vegetarian Trofie, which is something like stuff ravioli but better. It smelled, looked, and tasted delicious.

Now we’re headed to Rome and I’ll be flying back to Germany the day after. I’m grateful for traveling but I can’t wait to just sit in my bed and do nothing for a day. Til next time!


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