First stop, Milano!

I just left Milan today and it was great. We stayed at an Airbnb and it was a good experience even though we had to share a queen size bed. We ended up exploring Milan kind of late in the day but we got to see pretty much everything in the city (Dec 7-9).

The Duomo was absolutely breathtaking! We climbed a spiral staircase to the top and was able to see all of Milan. Then we went inside the church and it was stunning. The architecture was impeccable. I loved seeing the mosaics and the stain glass windows. Most of all there was just a feeling of peace in the church. There was a prayer service going on and then a woman started singing a beautiful opera song. A tear was shed in that moment it was so emotional. The Duomo was by-far my favorite part of Milan.

Then we got some food called “panzarotti fritti” (pawn-za-row-t free-t) and let me tell you something…this was delicious! It was basically a fried pizza. The dough was like a breadstick from Captain D’s but so much better. I ordered it in Italian too but then she told me the total in english 😦 o well.

I’m currently sitting on the train with my friend Michael going to Cinque Terre (Dec 9). I still can’t believe that I’m in Europe and specifically Italy. This trip has energized me to get back to Germany and take it on with confidence. I’ll upload this when I get wifi again, which might not happen in Cinque Terre but we’ll see what happens. Til next time!


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