Sunday Apocalypse

For those of you who don’t know, everything shuts down in Germany on Sunday. Almost nothing is open for people, restaurants included. If you need groceries, tough luck. There’s a gas station down the road and you better hope that they have what you need.

Since everything is closed on Sunday it has given me time to really be still. I normally wake up in the morning and relax for a bit. Yesterday I made French Toast and watched a nice movie. I was able to open my curtains and the window to let the fresh air in. Then I cooked myself a nice lunch while listening to soulful, indie music. Then as the sun set I cooked dinner with my roommate and we chatted about our classes. It was a simple yet fantastic day.

Sundays really give me an opportunity to slow down and appreciate life. I think we all should learn from the Germans and truly use Sunday as a day for relaxation, family, and peace. Til next time!


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