Veteran’s Day

As you all know, today is Veteran’s Day! Being in Germany away from home put me in a certain feeling today that I can’t explain, but I’ll try of course.

I felt very patriotic and proud to be an American today. Both of my parents served in the US Military (Army) and I’m proud and honored to be their son. And today they were the only people on my mind. When I got back from classes I decided to go for a run…I despise running but today I was feeling it. I ran out to the old Patrick Henry Village (recently closed in 2013), which was a US Army Base. All I could do was smile and give a salute. I just felt pride and happiness.

Like I said, I can’t really explain how I felt but it felt good. Thank you to all of the people who are serving, have served, and want to serve in the military. I salute you all from Heidelberg, Germany, with love.



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