One Month Check-Up

I’ve been in Germany now for one month and it has been a rollercoaster. I can say that this trip is challenging me for than I can begin to express. I’m finding out more about myself than I ever thought that I would. I figured after coming from UNC I would have a better grasp on who I am as a person. Little did I know, I just scratched the surface.

Classes are going well and the professors are pretty nice. I’m adjusting well to that. I also started to think more about my term papers due in February and my possible thesis topic so that’s exciting! *For the record, I would have never thought that I would say that papers excited me but the uncovering of information is awesome…who am I?!

Although it’s been a slow start to truly exploring myself, my environment, and my surroundings, I can say that I’m finally ready to begin. From this point on my journey will be in full motion. Stay tuned for more stories, pictures, and anything else that’s random!

Song of the Day (hopefully you can see the video because it’s awesome): Sigala- Easy Love


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  1. So very proud of you Aunt Jane


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