Daylight Saving Time in Germany

On Sunday, I woke up at a decent hour and started me day of traditionally doing nothing but relaxing and reading for some of my classes. As I’m doing everything I notice that my analog clock is off by an hour, which was weird because it can’t change unless I physically change it myself. I put the correct time back on it and went about my business.

As time goes by I think back to my analog clock. Why did it change? I went on Google to see what time it was in Tennessee because I was going to message my Mom but I wanted to make sure she was awake. But then I noticed that the time between us was only 6 hours a part instead of the usual 7 hours. The calendar on my computer said that Daylight Saving Time starts on November 1 so nothing made any sense in my mind!

When it was getting dark around 5:30pm according to my clocks I became even more confused. That’s unnatural to get dark that fast. So I searched on Google once again but added Germany and discovered that, in fact, Daylight Saving Time starts on October 25 in Germany.

Needless to say, I was confused. And what’s really weird is that for this one week I have to remember my time conversions for TN and NC. Also, it’s pitch black outside at about 6pm now. But life goes on. Until next time, peace!


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