“Are You African”

Apparently, I look like I’m from Africa. I have gotten this from Germans and actual Africans a like.

One day as I’m standing against a building waiting for a friend of mine this lady walks up to me and starts speaking French. I look at her confused because well, I don’t speak French. I recognize it because I took it in High School but French is not a language that I can even vaguely communicate with. I’m used to saying, “Ich spreche kein Deutsch”  that I couldn’t even begin to try to say that I don’t speak French in French.

I actually just starred at her with probably a dumb and confused look on my face. She eventually recognized that I was confused as much as she was. She quickly apologized and walked away. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I mean, I figured that she just assumed that I was black, probably from Africa, and therefore could speak French!

Well, the next day or so I went to Starbucks because the Internet is out in my room at the moment. Mind you it is packed especially since it’s a tourist trap and it is the weekend. There is one seat available by this man in the corner. I approach him and say something inaudible and motion that I would like to sit in the seat beside him and he nods in approval.

I sit down and as I’m about to open my laptop he starts talking to me in some language that I assume is German (why wouldn’t I? I’m in Germany!). I politely say, “Ich spreche kein Deutsch” and he goes “Ahhh…English?” I respond with a smile and a simple “Ja.” I thought that was the end of the conversation but out of nowhere he says, and I quote, “I thought you were Somalian or Armenian.” Wait, what?! This has to be a joke (not that I’m against looking African but because I’ve never been told that I look like an actual African)! The real kicker is that he said that he was from Libya, which is in Africa!

The moral of the story is that I look African…Like an actual African not just a black American.



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  1. And I thought that you just looked like Tony!


  2. …and so your journey begins. Time to get immersed in languages and let people know who you really are!


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