One Week In!

I’ve been in Germany now for a little over a week and boy has it been an experience. I’ve dropped my wallet and passport at different times and people have been kind of enough to run after me or search for me to return everything to me.

This whole week I’ve been in Orientation. Let that sink in for a second: this WHOLE week! I thought two days at UNC was long enough but this was a lot. However, both the people and the professors have been really nice. Fun Fact: At my university, a Professor is higher ranked than someone with their Ph.D. All professors are Dr.’s but not all Dr.’s are Professors.

Anyway, the students in my class are pretty cool. We have 7.5 Americans (one is half American, half English) from all over the states. We also have people from Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Korea, China, Japan, and Great Britain. As far as age goes, I’m one of the youngest and the oldest is in their thirties. And as far as what we studied it ranges from History, to Literature, to Business, and to American Culture/Studies.

I think my courses will be pretty challenging. I’m taking History (Revolutionary War to Civil War), Political Science (American Government), Introductory Law, and Human Geography. Plus we have a Writing class and a Methodology Seminar. It’s a lot to take in at once but I feel like I can handle it.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably post something soon about either the first days of classes and/or “German v. American Culture.” O! I also need to upload some pictures pretty soon too. Until next time, peace out!



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  1. Wow! I’m so excited for you and I’m learning so much about the journey and you! Keep sharing your experiences. It is touching to read about how you are navigating the culture and finding or defining your path. Kieep it up you are amazing!


    • Please guard your valuables. I am sure you will be fine in all of your classes. I appreciate the way you are keeping all of us informed!


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