Walking a Marathon

My first weekend in Heidelberg and I have already walked a marathon! To be exact, I have already walked 30 Miles. Let that sink in for a second…

When I flew in on Thursday I got to my flat around 2pm but I knew I shouldn’t fall asleep right that second or I would really suffer from jet lag so I cleaned and somewhat set up my room.

Then around 4:30pm I decided the best thing to do would be to walk around town to get a feeling for it. When I finally got to Altstadt (Old Town) it was around 6pm. I stayed for about an hour just walking around and trying to get the Rhine Neckar River (amazingly beautiful): and then the sun starts to set. When I left Altstadt it had maybe 10 minutes left before it was dark. Mind you, I have never been to this area before AND I got lost trying to get to Altstadt from my flat, let alone get back from it.

I started walking faster to get as much sunlight as I possibly could because there was no way that I could get lost, in the dark, without a phone, and not know anyone to speak with to help me find my way (the town was relatively empty. I maybe saw 10 people on the entire walk back).

When I finally got home it was almost 9pm. This theoretical one hour walk back turned into almost two hours. AND it was dark. I ended up walking 14 miles that day. The next day I walked 9 miles going to and from the same area once again. Then today I walked 6 miles to the same exact location. Each time, whether getting there or coming back, I have gotten lost and had to wing it from here. But those 6 miles today was the shortest trip (even though I made a few wrong turns here and there) and I was able to get back from Altstadt within 40 minutes so I’m getting better at this!

Anyways, Orientation starts tomorrow and I get to meet other English speaking people! I’m pretty excited about that. Never take your own language for granted and the next time you see someone struggling to speak English try to take the time to help them as much as you can cause not knowing the language is completely overwhelming!


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  1. Glad you are learning your way around. Have fun!!


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