Why So Much Luggage?!

I left for Germany Wednesday and boy has it been a trip.

First of all, I packed my bags for Germany a month ago because I was leaving TN where I live and was headed to NC to stay with my Dad and eventually fly out of RDU. I used every ounce of space that I could possibly get into my suit case. I didn’t think that it weighed a lot or anything.

Well, a few nights before I had to leave I repack my suit case just to be sure that everything was in order. It wasn’t. One of my bags weighed 60+  pounds! What the heck was I even taking?! I went through my bags again to see what I can leave home. I weighed it again and was doing better but there were still things that I needed to take with me so I thought.

At the hotel room the night before I edited things again. My bags were heavy. I knew for a fact that they were overweight (50 lbs is the limit) but I was too stressed to worry about it that night.

When I got the airport I went to weigh my bags and they were 59 and 52 pounds! At this point it was whatever to me. I simply chucked stuff out of my bags. My Mom said that she would mail stuff to me periodically but at this point I didn’t want any of it. Luckily, I got them both down to 49 lbs.

Then there’s my backpack. I’m probably carrying 20 lbs and my back is suffering for it. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a struggle it has been to carry and maneuver all of this stuff but that’s life. I’m still young and can handle all of it I guess.

Mom and Dad sending me off
Mom and Dad sending me off

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  1. This was truly an adventure!


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