Tarheel Alum to Heidelberg, Germany

In a few days from now I’ll be in Heidelberg, Germany for Graduate School. However, all I can keep thinking about is UNC. When I chose to attend UNC I had no idea what type of impact that this school would have on me. Over time this university became my home.

I was fortunate enough to be an Orientation Leader, an Office Assistant, and a Resident Advisor. These jobs have allowed me to meet many amazing people along the way. I know people who are publishing research, joining Acapella groups (and killing it), starting their own fitness blogs, owning their own business, being the President of the Club Sailing Team, producing their own music, getting the Gold Medal for Rowing at the World’s University Games, becoming activists for different social justice movements, being a National College Champion for Ultimate, volunteering in Africa, have the ability to speak five languages, attending grad school all over, a part of the TFA or Advising Corps, etc.

I have become friends with people around the world from Canada to France to Sweden and Australia. Even the professors and employers that I have had have been amazing during my four years at UNC and will remain influential in my life. I would not have even considered applying to Grad School in Germany without them (especially you, Tobi). All of the relationships that I have formed in my studies have impacted me in some capacity or another.

This University and the Carolina Family are very important to me and always will be. As I prepare to embark on the next chapter of my journey I know that Carolina will always be on my mind. I’d like to think that I have left my Heelprint somehow but if not at least I met some amazing people who are going to go far in life!




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